Updated 10 Aug 2003

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This site was originally created to develop 3D models for PC flight simulators. With the increasing complexity of the latest flight sim programs we no longer have sufficient free time to devote to this particular hobby. We have decided to concentrate on the 3D modelling aspects and leave the flight dynamics, mission and campaign structures and so on to others. For visitors to this site wishing to find out more about flight sim design, the following sites will be great places to start their journey of exploration!


CFS2 & 3,  Il2, Forgotten Battles (BRILLIANT!), FS2000 and FS2002, forums, downloads and much, much more! THE place for finding out how to get your PC really flying!


Dedicated to the free exchange of information, design techniques, tips, news about PC flight simulation. Excellent forums for designers.


The publishers of Flight Simulator Design Studio and several other very useful flight sim design programs.