Updated 10 Aug 2003

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Welcome to Tim and James’ digital aviation modellling website. We use Rhinoceros, a NURBS 3D modelling program. Check out www.rhino3d.com for details and a free trial download if you want to know more. We hope our tutorials will show how to make accurate, convincing models in a straight-forward and intuitive way. To find out more about building 3D models of aircraft with Rhino, check out the Rhino Tutorials section. Here you will find a series of short exercises from setting up Rhino, importing suitable plans, modelling your subject and generating meshes for export to other software. We will also be covering the use of both Flamingo and Penguin for texturing and rendering our models, as well as other packages such as Corel Draw and Paint Shop Pro.

We will also be covering some further projects using our 3D models, including animation, paper and card modelmaking. For flight simulation fans, we still have our CFS2 Sea Fury available here. However, for the moment, we are not currently working on any new flight sim projects. We will shortly have some paper models which can be downloaded, printed out and assembled. Check back often to see what is new!

This site is a ‘work-in-progress’. For a list of recent updates check  here.

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