Updated 10 Aug 2003

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New to Rhino? The tutorials that come with the software are excellent, work your way through them and you will have a good grasp of how the program works. The following tutorials assume a working knowledge of Rhino.

On to the tutorials. These are in order of setting up, building and finally exporting a model project. Click on the buttons to go to each tutorial. Any problems or suggestions, or if you need some specific advice, e-mail us and we will do our best to help. The Rhino website is another excellent source of help and inspiration.

First steps. Units of measurement and grid settings within Rhino.

Preparing background images of plans for tracing our model geometry.

A useful polygon on surface tool and introduction to Scripting in Rhino.

Exploring some of Rhinos Mesh tools.

Building a wing in Rhino. Importing point data, curve smoothing andsurface generation .

Paper model design including use of the ‘Unroll Developable Surface’ command for paper model patterns.